Readers will have noticed Stuff’s ludicrous practice whenever mentioning any actual or pretend maori, of listing the subject’s tribal ancestry in brackets after their name.

Two questions arise, both about consistency.

First, why does Stuff confine this nonsense to maoris? For example, if they mentioned me would they put in brackets after my name “Welsh-English”? If not, why not?

Second, virtually daily Stuff reports maori criminal court cases. Why do they not put the offender’s tribal affiliations in brackets in these cases.

The answer to both those questions is simply hypocrisy in line with their constant maori wonderfulness propaganda.



The hypocrisy extends to the truth that their non-maori ancestry is probably a longer list than their maori tribal affiliation.

Astutely observed as always Bob.

This is similar to how Labour has pushed for all signs to be in both Maori and English throughout the country, yet all their billboards for the election are only in English!

They do not add Ngati Pakeha to their tribal affiliations as they all have some of that blood in them.

And, given all ‘Maori’ now have other ancestral lineage, why is that not mentioned, or is it that the ancestry of everyone else is inconsequential?

And, in terms of the criminals, why not their affiliation to Black Power, Mongrel Mob, Killer Beez, et al, which are their modern day tribal equivalent?

And, one can only assume that to the miniscule percentage of the population that gives a toss, it is perhaps helpful to identify those whom some form of outstanding utu might be directed.

Please pray that this rubbish stops with the change of government

Matariki, maori language week and all maori related stuff just a big smokescreen for the REAL agenda of Co-governance.

There will be wholesale redundancy at Stuff(ed) after the election, once their main income stream of Labour disappears…

Hopefully along with Willie Jackson, who the people never voted for in the first or last place….

Well said and I’m fairly sure the Herald is also guilty of this bloody nonsense too Sir Bob

too true dave(clarkson/englishgliddon/australian)

Hopefully Len is right. The pakeha word shouldn’t be used, because of its long-pig meaning, harking back to tribal diets 200 years ago. I’d like to think that we get a sensible and decent government after this election, such that when the population see the result, everyone can clearly see which direction the country is going in.

This faddish practice has been getting up my nose for some time. I once suggested that non-maori put the surnames of all 4 grandparents in parentheses after their own names and the letter was published, but of course that would not do in the long term as we of the non-Polynesian persuasion do not have important ancestry (yeah, right). Similarly, it would be possible get the goat of the gender-bending brigade by putting karyotype XY, or karyotype XX after one’s name to indicate male and feminine sex, respectively.

Only a few days to go and they will be out (fingers crossed)
I even went and voted,as at my age I didn’t want to risk it any longer,just in case,hope it makes a difference.

The function of maori TV is create a culture that did not previously exist.

It’s bizarre. Imagine being in the room with the people making the decision to add this in. How would any sane person or group arrive at that outcome? 

Typical of the left wing media, no wonder people seek other avenues however hard to find to get unbiased news.

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