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Break out the champagne. Pull your weeping family members out of their beds and tell them the wonderful news and that their worries are finally over. For the Herald in a headline article, advised the glorious news that Millie Holmes is back in New Zealand, currently under quarantine lockdown.


The Herald advises that Paul Winstanley, the head of Research at Jones Lang, the international commercial property agency, reports increasing vacancies in older Auckland fringe location CBD office-buildings.


As always, with elections there’s new parties popping up, none of which will register meaningfully in the polls. I include the Maori Party, now under the joint leadership of John Tamihere, in that category as I suspect it’s done its dash as the maori vote returns to its traditional Labour home. So that leaves the Greens, NZ First and ACT.


Despite the polls I have a gut feeling the election will be a close-run race.

The Nats have taken a beating thanks to MP scandals plus the party’s extraordinary decision to pick as their leader, an obscure MP, who in two terms had never made a mark.

But with politics, memories are short and now with the obvious leader finally installed, it’s a new ball-game.