Great to see Joe Bennett has come out today iterating all of my comments re the appalling Folau media beatup. Joe also asks why hone in on homosexuals in all of the handwringing and ignore the others? The answer is that homosexuality has in recent years been ludicrously elevated to some sort of higher art form and to do or say anything relating to it other than unabashed admiration causes shock-horror response from the usual attention-seeking shower.

Joe, a homosexual, took pride in gaining in his words “a full house,” scoring on all of Israel’s sin list.

Unwittingly we are allowing our lives to become regimented into an Orwellian prescribed thinking on all issues. Mention maori other than in the context of maori wonderfulness and some attention-seeking, hitherto unknown female will be running to the media crying racism and hate speech and saying she couldn’t sleep all night after reading it.

This deplorable trend is not confined to New Zealand but is increasingly prevalent throughout the western world. Here’s three such cases from recent times.

A highly respected elderly English professor, in California for a conference last year, found himself in a crammed lift at the conference. The woman nearest the lift buttons enquired of the occupants “which floor?” to which the English professor, drawing from the English TV comedy “Are You Being Served?” cried out “women’s lingerie”. The result – shrieks of horror and a fainting fit by the lift button madwoman, unsurprisingly a Professor of Women’s Studies, resulting in him being sent back to England.

Late last year an American actor, notwithstanding being black which should have immunised him, put on Facebook photos of his two year old lad’s birthday party showing the boys in cowboy and Indian outfits.

More shock, horror, couldn’t sleep all night and such-like standard nonsense; the whole baggage from mad attention-seeking females. His crime – cultural appropriation with the Indian headdresses. The wimp actor feebly apologised.

Also late last year in England a respected senior detective ran a one day detectives seminar. It’s purpose was to get across that no matter how guilty you know the crims you’re interviewing are, you must stick to the straight and narrow and respect their legal rights. “Henceforth,” he told them, “you’re to be whiter than white”. Shock and horror all round and he was immediately suspended.

These all too common incidents are no laughing matter. Unwittingly we are being drawn into a vortex of robotic prescribed thinking. The fight-back starts now.


Sir Robert,
Joe Bennett must have avoided all the search lights and sirens and crawled under the Stuff bias barrier to get this one published.. Most of the nonsense ones are opinions published by little head and shoulders photo people that they seem to employ. Their opinions highly disguised as nonsense in their cloak of idiocy and virtue signalling that is all the rage.. You cant beat Intelligence shining though, when they let it. Well done again Joe !!., an intelligent article well thought out and presented.
A credit to you,

Well if the ‘One Treaty, One Nation’ pamphlet is hate speech….if that is the new standard…everyone will be too scared to fight back. It will involve the police.

Protected: Maori, gays and Muslims.
Open season: Christians and old white men.

You are a breath of fresh air in this environment we now find ourselves in and I for one immensely enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the good fight.

A pity our Orwellian Bill of Rights doesn’t actually protect what it proclaims:
Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the freedom to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form.

My only child, a gay 22 year old, and us are both disgusted at the leftist treatment of a individual expressing his right for religious freedom

Oh just wait til the drunks pile on. As soon as they have sobered up!

Do we have a definition of Hate speech yet or is it somebody is offended that you do not agree with them.

Just also wondering is the woke community about to rally against Team NZ sponsor “Emirates”

great peace of writing, what’s more you can’t beat the truth

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