The de facto collapse of Christchurch based Martin Aircraft is hardly a surprise. Its comic-book jet-pack product had a fatal flaw being the lack of a meaningful market. Possibly a few nutters might buy one as a novelty but given its limitations they’d soon get bored.


All polls point to a change of government across the Tasman. But the best polling news is the likelihood of the ghastly former Liberal leader (and unsuccessful brief Prime Minister) Tony Abbott getting the bumrush. Here’s why I’ll rejoice at his demise.

JULIAN ASSANGE – Pseudo Journalist

The arguments being raised in defence of Assange are false.

First; his supporters refer to him as a journalist and then, drawing a very long bow from that, argue freedom of speech in his defence.


The Phoenix soccer club manager Dave Dome may well have blood on his hands following his Einstein-like pronouncement regarding departing coach Mark Rudan.

His amazing declaration reported by the Dominion Post, that “whatever happens in Mark’s career, happens in Mark’s career” will have weak heart sufferers dropping dead in droves.