Great to see Joe Bennett has come out today iterating all of my comments re the appalling Folau media beatup. Joe also asks why hone in on homosexuals in all of the handwringing and ignore the others? The answer is that homosexuality has in recent years been ludicrously elevated to some sort of higher art form and to do or say anything relating to it other than unabashed admiration causes shock-horror response from the usual attention-seeking shower.


Yesterday a Hawera plumber, Mr Bill Wilson, wrote online: “One and one is two”.

This drew an immediate angry response from Auckland’s Rawinia Turoa who declared it a blatant case of hate speech and vile racism. “I couldn’t sleep all night after I read it”, she told TV One News.


A few weeks back I criticised the Prime Minister for donning a headscarf as a gesture of support and sympathy for the grieving Muslim community. Where were her advisors? Surely someone among her top echelon of minders should have known that was the worst possible symbolic gesture. The fact that numerous New Zealand women duly followed suit is less of a surprise in this age of mind-blowing ignorance.


We live in an age where seemingly nothing, no matter how fantastically improbable, can ever surprise us.


I’ve now watched all of the Democrat Presidential aspirants interviewed. To date the stand-out for me in a cliché-spouting line-up is 37-year-old Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg. I was certainly impressed listening to him as plainly so too is the American public given his high polling, currently in 3rd place in the 19-candidate field. Furthermore, money is pouring in for his campaign funding. At 37 he brings a Kennedyish youthful optimism, in raw contrast to the current front-runner Joe Biden.