The new Police Association President, Chris Cahill who bears an astonishing resemblance to an under‑nourished turnip, may well be one given his latest utterance. Brace yourself.

“The last thing New Zealand needs,” he wrote in a press release, “is politicians ignoring the role firearms play in mass shootings”.

Well that’s certainly a revelation I’ll bet you didn’t know.

As it transpired while I was writing this, Police Minister Stu Nash phoned to invite me to dinner.

“I’ve just read the most alarming claim,” I said to him. “According to the Police Trade Union boss, firearms play a role in mass shootings. Did you know that?” “Sounds like utter nonsense to me,” Stu replied.


Six weeks back the Dominion Post newspaper’s very competent political reporter Stacey Kirk wrote a sign‑off farewell article. She’s moving to fresh fields and good luck to her.

Amidst the various anecdotes and highlights she recounted was this passage.

“… if there’s one thing I’ve learnt during my time covering the day‑to‑day grind, the cut and thrust of New Zealand politics, it’s that nearly everyone in this place is here to make a difference.


The worst Parliamentary Speaker in Britain’s history, the posturing, attention‑seeking, interfering John Bercow has been beautifully skewered by Boris suspending of Parliament.

“A constitutional outrage”, the blow‑hard spluttered, adding, “an offence against democracy.”

What arrogant nonsense. As he’s entitled to do, Boris has closed Parliament for a month, not eternity, while he proceeds with Brexit in late September without interference from the dwindling Remainder mob, the true anti‑democrats who seek to over-ride the people’s expressed will.


“Economics student 21” with her whole life ahead of her ”dies suddenly …” so proclaimed Britain’s Daily Mail.

Her “whole” life? Plainly they’re suggesting her first 21 years were part of someone else’s existence.

Not to be outdone this morning’s Dominion Post Eleanor Wenman writes of a 90 year old bloke, who she tells us, has “lived every minute of his long life”. That’s not remarkable. Far more interesting if she’d write about a 90 year old who’s periodically been dead during their long life.