Chinese ethnic, Howick Councillor Paul Young, running for re‑election, has laid a complaint to the Police over bogus advertising flyers purporting he’s a member of the Chinese Communist Party. Furthermore, 15 of his hoardings have been damaged or destroyed, thus his understandable anger.

But for a bloke who’s in public life and has been here 30 years, he ought to have a better understanding of English. Why?

Because, with not a shred of evidence he claims these not uncommon election foul play tactics are – no prizes for guessing this – racist.

God it’s tiresome. Not a day passes without racist charges being levelled whenever something happens to a non‑European.

And while I’m on the subject of wild racial allegations, noting the Police have charged a Tokoroa‑based Tongan faith healer with indecent assault, this over his methodology for curing cancer, namely fingering women’s fannies, I hope they’ll produce evidence that it doesn’t work. Frankly, it sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

That aside, the Tongan accused should stick to the tried and true defence and claim the Police charge is simply racism. That should do the trick.

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