The above news headline came as no surprise when it comes to George, a true Wallaby great. He spent much of his playing time intimidating referees about their alleged incorrect calls and they became visibly twitchy in his presence.


Following the often scandalous revelations from the much publicized Banking Enquiry, a revolution is taking place with Australia’s big banks.

Under fire from the financial authorities, commentators and shareholders they’ve become gripped by conservatism. Many directors and key management personnel have gone and lending (wisely) to the commercial property sector has ceased.


The problem with establishing entities to lodge protests to, well-meaning though such initiatives may be, is they provide opportunity for miserable sods to whine about everyday matters.

We’re informed that a Dermott McCaughan laid a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority about a Newshub reference to a paddywagon, as being a derogatory, discriminatory, denigrating, and needless to say, the always included assertion in contemporary New Zealand, even if complaining about the weather, of being racist.


University of East London Psychology lecturer, a half-wit called Sonia Falck, has demanded calling someone a “nerd” or “smarty-pants” to be categorized as a criminal hate crime offence. She claims this upsets high intelligent people.

Two points.

First, it will come as no surprise to learn that her university currently ranks in a mediocre 116th place (out of 131) in Britain.

Second, it will also not surprise to learn that in the millions plus I’ve given for humanities’ scholarships over the last quarter century, I’ve excluded psychology for consideration.

This Orwellian regimentation zest is dangerous and will best be defeated by ridicule.