The awful news re Ron Brierley kept incoming calls going to midnight, Aussies forgetting the 2-hour time difference.

What to say? Frankly everyone is speechless.


The fuss over Spanish crack golfer Gonzales Fernandez-Castono’s response to Time Magazine naming Greta Thunberg their person of the year was ill-placed.

“So what,” he wrote and pointed out that Hitler was their nominee in 1938 and Stalin twice won Time’s person of the year. The magazine’s award is based on who in its judgement, whether for better or worse, made the most impact. Accordingly, both Greta and specially Hitler in 1938 were appropriate choices. The main rival to Greta was Trump but the magazine probably opted for the Swede, seeing her impact as positive as opposed to the abomination currently despoiling the world’s highest public office, having a negative impact. However, their past Stalin choice puzzles me. At no stage did he dominate world events. His legacy is terrible but there was never a single earth-shattering decision and most of all his sins were not fully uncovered until decades after his death.


Another Auckland house-builder has gone belly-up and its principals owing $190,000 have vanished. Nothing extraordinary about that but what is, is that they ever got credit in the first place. Why? Because the two vanishees were called Tracey and Sean Kelly.


A former British copper, Harry Miller is currently arguing the validity of a hate crime Police warning in the British High Court. This followed a Humberside Police officer turning up at his home and issuing a hate-crime warning, adding they would be “monitoring his thinking.”