Below is Garrick Tremain’s latest commentary on the dismaying, albeit typical New Zealand male cowardice of the Otago Daily Times editor when confronted by the baying mob.

Never a truer comment. But Garrick won’t be lost despite the ODT, rather red-blooded New Zealanders (there are some) will snap up a book of his unrestrained best on New Zealand life in 2020 when published at year end. All power to him.

P.S A better caption would have been this exchange between the man and his wife.

Man; I thought you said the cat was now past it and could no longer catch mice.

Wife; He is but I saw the mouse and it was old and doddery.”


Despite the cowardly, anonymous and ignorant hate mail Garrick Tremain has apparently received (offset by a flood of supporting messages I’ve received for my piece about him last week), the man showed he’s a true humourist and knocked out the cartoon below.

All of this raises the question how long before Massey University exploits this situation and opens a Department of Offense-Taking?


An apparently well-liked and harmless chap in Kurow threatened to commit suicide so the Police turned up and killed him. Perhaps they were influenced by the publicity ascribed to David Seymour’s assisted death Bill, thus this new service.

One thing’s for sure. We can save the cost of the assisted dying referendum and simply rely on the Police to take care of the situation when it arises.


Whether one likes or loathes him, no-one would argue that Elon Musk is not an extraordinary creative innovator. That said, wrongly accusing one of the key heroic rescuers of paedophilia in the Thai cave boys remarkable drama made his libel defence seem on face value, an impossibility. But in the event, not so, the jury finding for Musk.


Under the heading “Latest News” on the Sunday Stuff website was the shocking line, (brace yourself and read no further if you have either a weak heart or generally are stressed).

“TEACHER CLIPS SON ON THE EAR.” And how do we know about this appalling news? Because the teacher, on learning from the Police that his son had shoplifted and clipped him over the ear, appeared before the Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal. The Disciplinary Tribunal, doubtless clad in life-jackets to avoid drowning in their own wetness, duly declared this to be serious misconduct. God help us all.