The Herald advises that Paul Winstanley, the head of Research at Jones Lang, the international commercial property agency, reports increasing vacancies in older Auckland fringe location CBD office-buildings.

Then came Paul’s shock revelation, specifically that, “vacancies mean falling income for their owners.”

Now who could possibly have deduced that? The man’s obviously a genius.



You should sell up your own stock as fast as you can too, Bob. Everyone’s going to working from home soon. They got a taste and now the pressure is on to make it permanent. Not that that’s a revelation for you of course 🙂

But hold on. If vacancies are rising then that means fewer tenants, fewer businesses operating, fewer employees yet we are told the economy is moving and unemployment is still okay. If only we had an honest government that understood the market. Meanwhile Mr Winstanley probably has a career opportunity in Labour’s research unit.

Personally I’d recommend AGRE. We don’t delve into gobbledygook and talk for the sake of ‘filling up the atmosphere’ or state the bleedin’ obvious.

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