The above is a Herald headline from last week.

The homeowner, a Helen Piri, according to the report, was on her knees praying when her home got smashed. “I was screaming out,” Helen told the reporter. “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus because I know that is the most powerful name in creation.”

To this, I suggest Helen consider the explanatory possibilities. Here’s some for her to ponder.

1.) God doesn’t like her.

2.) He’s pissed off at the relentless praying from zillions of buggers demanding stuff.

3.) He hates maoris.

4.) He hates women

5.) He was playing golf in heaven and not paying attention.

6.) He doesn’t exist.


Ah your bête noir again. Makes me wonder what you have against Him. 🥴

Bob, spot on.
Particularly like your option (3).
Hone aka John Hatfield and his criminal bunch of enablers will hopefully be washed away while manning their illegal road blocks.
After all, our toothless, neutered French Poodle posing as our Police Commissioner is incapable of upholding the law in the North.
Maybe God will do his job for him.
Ardern and Nash most certainly won’t.
Now I will probably be targeted for jaywalking !

Just yet another conspiracy theory.

She (goddess) or the Earth loves to shake humans out of their complacency or maybe it’s just “Shit happens-get on with it”. The thing is that with the God there is always someone to thank or blame- works both ways.

I once had a guy stop me in the street to tell me about his his near death experience (NDE). One of things he told from his briefings from the other side, was “everything happens for a reason”. So you might be right on all this, Bob.
-For the record, he was subject to a horrific car accident and was in a coma for a very long time.

I also use the refrain of JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!!! when my naughty puppy is crapping or piddling on the floor and astonishingly, the guy won’t listen to me either. I’m beginning to think there’s something going on here. Or quite possibly there’s nothing going on here and never was. Sobering stuff.

HA HA HA …ah for Christs sake, pissing myself !!!
“What do ya recon God thinks about political correctness Shamus…I mean which side is he on?”

There are so many things I don’t understand.

No no no, you misunderstand. Jesus Jesus & Jesus are the three mexican brothers whose building company put her roof on, she’s just pissed that she won’t get her deposit back…

Oh, what a fortunate woman(?). God, in her wisdom saved Helen. This was sign! A miracle? Hal a luya! Consider Helen’s possible perception of God;
1) God loves Helen,
2) Shes very happy with the World?
3) Loves Maori, hates men, though lets not be to tough. She Loves Maori, gender identity confused individuals.
4) She hates Women, again same proviso as above.
5) Golf course in heaven, I doubt it!
6) Helen’s miracle, surely, is proof of existence?

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