“TOP WILL ABOLISH PROVISIONAL TAX FOR SMALL BUSINESS,” so proclaims a Stuff web-site heading today.

They will do no such thing, rather they will vanish into the ether after the election.


frederickwilliscroft October 8, 2020 at 2:14 pm

Every time I go to the Stuff website they implore me to donate money in the interests of journalism. They are not going to get a cent from me while their political journalists are so poor. I sometimes wonder if I have accidentally clicked on the labour party website.
I actually give money regularly to the Guardian. Now every one knows that they are they are a left wing newspaper in the UK. The difference is that they don’t pretend to be neutral so I read the paper in that light. Their articles are written to an exceptionally high standard. I often disagree, but respect their opinion. Also they are not afraid to give a serve to the Labour party when deserved.
I think Stuff should give up pretending to be neutral and just come out and say that politically they advocate for the return of a labour government. Then I might give them somerespect.

    Yes, I actually do the same. I think Newspapers that are independant are vital, hence my donations to their trusts. Plus-as you say they will happily dish it out to Labour etc

    Radio NZ’s Tim Watkin last week actually criticised the beloved leader, Jacinda Ardern (October 3, Analysis: Ardern’s popularity defies her track record). I almost choked on my weet-bix.

    Critical of Labour’s performance on all of their failed targets/promises of 3 years ago: complete failures in housing, child poverty and climate change. Saved only by perceived Covid 19 management, and massive government debt.

    Even ‘Stalinist’ Radio NZ is starting to wake up to the fact that Ardern (like Barack Obama before her) is little more than a slogan talking machine avoiding committing to actual policies like the plague (witness the formation of 250-plus committees forever delaying ‘actual’ governmental decisions).

    She claims that Labour has a ‘plan’? No details have been forthcoming however.

    Of course Radio NZ’s solutions to these problems (massive and unlimited taxpayer funded handouts) would be the polar opposite to my solutions (free the land, birth control and targeted time-reducing benefits).

Alastair Gustafson October 9, 2020 at 9:20 am

Ether is too good for them to vanish into, dear Bob. Too good for them, I say. Too good,

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