Dangerous Dwarfs Roaming the Land

If we haven’t got enough to worry about with violent bums polluting our cities, an article in Hawkes Bay Today reveals a new threat.

It’s headed, “Get Prepared Financially Before a Little One Arrives”.

What to make of that?

Presumably it’s a warning that a knock on the door could reveal a menacing dwarf demanding money or your life.

In these uncertain times it would be wise to always keep $100 in cash at hand.


Obviously storks have invaded the bay.

My London mates tell me a shrill Gypsy Lesbian dwarf especially if gender confused is particularly menacing and that a Monkey wound be a safer bet than $100

The way to prepare financially for a child, is to move to Australia.

We did have one in Nelson quite capable of what you have described. I don’t know if the individual is still alive.

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