Taxpayers will be delighted to learn that Cabinet has approved $150,000 of your money to appease maori gang members unhappy with their tattoos.

This is not to remove the words “Black Power” from these losers’ backs, but instead only the place-name “New Zealand” at the bottom and replace it with the fictional substitute “Aotearoa”. Or in some other cases, the name of their home city from its actual name such as Hamilton to a fictional maori one. Someone called Kura Moeahu who makes a living in the capital as a self-described “cultural adviser” commented, “The government should be congratulated for supporting such an important initiative. The alteration of tattoos will ensure that no young maori men continue to be embarrassed by the incorporation of colonial place names as part of their tattoos.”

Putting aside the question why taxpayers should pay for this self-inflicted scarring, Kura should be mindful of the cold hard fact that were it not for colonialism, the odds are he would have been eaten by now.

The legacy of this relentless maori wonderfulness and handouts, no matter how ludicrous, is the creation of a racial division hitherto non-existent. It will be a major factor in the landslide defeat awaiting Labour in the next election.

But it’s not just the taxpayers who are the losers from this insanity but most of all the sizeable and lower socioeconomic elements of maoridom who are being effectively imprisoned in their failure existence by the government created entitlement sentiment.


Surely this is a piss take ??


Brian yet another Labour bribe

This is the stuff you get when a party has an absolute majority, who’s social agenda is driven by minority interests.

I think the hopes of these minority interests is that some of this indoctrination will stick. Just with who, only God knows.

Willie Jackson and the Maori caucus?

One would hope so but judging by past ‘benefits’ to Maori it’s more than likely true.

Just Labour showcasing its ability to make every problem worse – in this case racism but also pretty much every social problem we can measure.

Its about time this sort of horseshit came to a sudden end !What will the likes of Moreahu and his ilk put forward next for these fools to cave into .

How about those gang patches. The one they hand out at the patching ceremonies. $6,900 a piece. Paid for by…(drumroll)…..the taxpayer. The deal was change MM NZ to MM Aotearoa and Adern and Co will steal the money of taxpayers and hand it to the countries largest organised crime group. Not made up, but so far well covered up and will not be covered by any of the lying corrupt show ponies masquerading as news media in the country.

Andrew (above) says surely this is a piss take. I can only hope he is right because if he’s not this government has surely lost the plot. Even they cannot be so stupid? Or maybe they are?

I was a Policeman for many years and had a bit to do with gangs. The first thing I learned was that appeasement does not work. Gangs see that as weakness which they do not respect. The only way to deal with them is from a position of strength .They are predators looking to prey on those weaker than themselves. When Labour let’s them live in State houses no matter what they do and gives them 2.5 million for drug rehab they laugh. The policy makers who are decent people equate gang members as being decent. That is the mistake.

Bob Jones your articles are always right on the money. But then again you would not be receiving backhanders to write complimentary articles in favour of the government’s ongoing idiocy.

Several timess this morning I have sat down to post my comments about this. But each time I have given up and walked away.
The words will just not come to me.

As the saying goes “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I am starting to believe that the people who dish out the money in Cabinet are genuinely afraid of their Maori colleagues. What other explanation can there be for not just telling them to pull their effing heads in?

Well said, Bob. You articulate what most of us think but are unable, or too scared, to express so clearly.

Sorry I don’t buy it. This simply cannot be true! I would back paying to remove tattoos especially from the face and neck if a gangbanger reformed, but to replace wording is not just insane but an absolute scandal. David Seymour needs to get stuck in if this is true.

frederickwilliscroft November 29, 2021 at 8:46 pm

It’s very clear that the narrative going forward is that Maori will blame colonisation, racial discrimination, ongoing prejudice for every adverse statistic presented – crime, violence, prison sentences, poor educational outcomes, even lower vaccination rates.
Instead of saying their is no excuses for poor parenting, lack of role models, kids not bothering going to school it will always come back to the grievance industry and lack of accountability for continued failures.
This government just bends over and acquiesces to every ridiculous demand all at the long suffering taxpayers expense.

    With all due respect, I think it is sensible to think twice about using the term ‘Maori’ in unqualified form. None of my Maori workmates have anything to do with the “Maori grievance industry” and certainly haven’t profited by it. But they would be understandably upset if accused of being beneficiaries solely because of their race.

      That’s the sad thing – Maori have always been well respected in NZ – I believe very few of us want to see this separatism – driven by just a few and their left leaning non Maori supporters

      This is so frustrating that I now refuse to speak or learn any Maori as it is just a sign of acquising to the left

I so miss your weekly herald column, in these times ever thought you might reconvene? Tattoos like, as the police said, that $2.5million given for rehab was arguably one of NZ’s best money laundering available, I suppose in these times like the 3 strikes bill together with the proceeds of crime bill (next maybe?) will disappear into the nether also! Meanwhile the shoot ups in Auckland are escalating to insane proportions and that wee bill that was pulled out of the hat to confiscate the gangs firearms that Labour voted down very recently… sigh…, meanwhile as a result of the mosque, the law abiding in NZ have handed back their guns…

Indirectly by stealth, the present Central Government is fostering racism (division by ethnicity – Maori from European), thereby separatism and political apartheid. This practice will ultimately led to one destination (not an extreme of peace and kindness). It is not cultural enriching. I can stand the designation Antipodean, for I am one, but I am not a Colonial. This is my country, the only one I know. I was born a New Zealander and always will be one – not an Aotearoian.

    Its not even stealthy. Maori or part Maori (or ideally part Maori female lesbian ecology activist) = good.
    White or European background (especially male) = bad.

      Sorry-let me just rephrase that.
      Part Maori as thats really all any of us are now, a mixture of all different backgrounds and parentage. I imagine this will probably get me a late night door knock from the race-police?

Isn’t it about time that the media noted that the Ka Mate haka dates back to likes of Te Rauparaha a very bad man and insisted that it never be used in the same way that white colonialists names are being removed?

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