About bloody time the great creator did something useful instead of inflicting us with viruses and the like. I think he might be feeling a bit bad about that as the Met Service has advised he’s organised heavy rain and gale-force winds for the capital this weekend.


The rabble who have tied up the capital’s CBD with their vehicles this week, then stood on Parliament ground bellowing, as evident from the TV and newspaper photos, lie at the retarded end of the IQ spectrum.


The National Party has dropped its opposition to the government’s Bill banning so-called conversion therapy and instead will make it a conscience vote. Either way makes no difference to the outcome as the government MPs will all fall into line and do as they’re told, aside from which, this is another opportunity to dictate people’s behaviour, something dear to the left’s outlook when in office.


I’ve written before about the wry amusement Wellingtonians derive from the almost weekly protests at Parliament over this and that. No-one takes the slightest notice, specially the MPs. Sometimes a petition is presented and a sucker MP will draw the short straw to stand on the steps of Parliament, adopt a grave face, say a few words and accept the petition which to all intents and purposes is then filed in the rubbish bin.


Just for a moment assume a dramatic news-event. Specifically, Jacinda is arrested for among other atrocities, throttling three new-born maori babies, sustained vile acts of cruelty to kittens, heading a massive illegal drugs-importing racket and running a highly sophisticated nation-wide shop-lifting ring.