Until the advent of the virus over the previous six decades I’d spent at least half my life abroad. I went and sometimes lived for times virtually everywhere which taught me that people are basically the same, thus I lost any sense of nationalism.

Then suddenly I found myself compelled to stay here for 3 years, thanks to the hermit kingdom absurdity. I was appalled by New Zealanders meek passivity to this and most of all to the ludicrous but now dead Jacindamania madness.

For that matter Jacinda herself was disbelieving, writing in the Guardian at the time how she’d lie in bed bewildered and suffering from imposter syndrome. The then lapdog NZ media, surviving on a $65 million government bribe with taxpayer money, opted to ignore that story.

So for three years now, lots of golf and tennis plus time to deal with hitherto ignored health problems. I had a book published of four novellas. Then someone suggested this Blog as an outlet for my frustration. Initially, I confined it to humour to lighten our days. But as the government’s screaming incompetence, fear-mongering, outrageously divisive racist activism favouring maoridom and much, much more, saw me deal with more serious topics.

The absolute low point of the past three years was the public’s passive acceptance of the imposed nanny state. The “Team of five million” and “Be Kind” mantras belong in kindergartens. For me they were unbelievable. I was ashamed to be a New Zealander as common sense went out the window. The Be Kind childishness was particularly outrageous given the unbelievably cruel, unnecessary and illegal prohibition on thousands of Kiwis prevented from returning home, in numerous cases to farewell dying family members.

At the outbreak of the virus I forecast on this site that when it was all done and dusted Sweden’s “live with it” approach will be shown as the correct one. It’s not yet all done and dusted but that’s now been accepted and widely adopted.

I was correct with my Swedish prediction but will be equally right with my forecast of a landslide defeat for the government next year. The big issue causing bitterness across the land is the ludicrous maori wonderfulness nonsense. Add roaring inflation and a population exodus to Australia and I fear an angry and dispirited nation in 1993.

It’s deja with the 1983-4 mood. At the time, Muldoon, unable to cope with the economic consequences of his bad decisions, adopted the approach of constant foreign travel, babbling nonsense about another Bretton Woods conference. He viewed these travels as photo opportunities with polite foreign leaders, intended to impress the voters back home. They didn’t, a point Jacinda should note having announced a similar foreign leaders’ meetings programme.

Late last year on this blog I wrote that after tidying up some matters I was out of here in the new year as I don’t wish to spend such time as left to me in an angry state. So I’ve now left for foreign parts.

So no more blogs, at least for four months but a big thankyou to everyone who added their comments and helped endure the craziness of an increasingly inept government.

Thanks also to cartoonists Garrick Tremain and Bob Brockie so I’ll close with another on the mark Tremain offering.




Adios Sir Bob. All the best.

Thank you Sir Bob for the many laughs you have provided the last two years. I have read all your blogs since and will thoroughly miss your updates. Safe travels!

Sir Bob what a shame I looked forward to you blog posts everyday. Thanks for the opinions and incites. Lets hope you back after 4 months. Can’t say as I blame you, thinking of doing the same. Yep just a matter of time for this Government, they deserve everything that is coming.
Regards Joel

Dear Sir Bob, Thank you for your humour and wisdom.

All the best and we look forward to some sort of continuation.

So sad you are leaving Sir Bob. I’ve loved your articles. Any room in your suitcase?!

Always enjoyed your postings.
Wish you well in the future and thanks for your sane comments over the last year or so.

Bob – very sorry to see you go but understandable. I am currently telling my grandchildren to re-locate to Australia, goes much against the grain but justifiable with the current facist government. All the best and I hope NZ will maybe see you back one day when the change of government has occurred…

Sorry to lose you,have always enjoyed your columns & books. A few anecdotes from your overseas adventures would be welcomed.

Oh god, your blogs are (generally!) the best part of my week! Bon voyage and come back soon.

Sir Bob your blog has been inspirational and will be missed. Safe travels

Sad to be missing your posts in the future. Enjoy the break away, I’ll miss you

A vent for frustration it continues to be…

Populism has taken over democracy, and this nation is full of a bunch of headless chickens…

History will show how poor our leadership has been; especially so for this government. They have lived on half truths, and will till their end…For the past 3-4 decades, politicians have been nothing more an enablers for big business..

Sadly, the NZ economy is now on a faster track to bankruptcy; and maybe thats how it has to turn out for some hard decisions to be made. Regulating the (price gouging) monopolies, so that small business and local ownership stands a chance is the only way forward…

Enjoy your travels. I (and my family) won’t be far behind.

Rob van Lieshout. March 2, 2022 at 5:15 pm

All the best Bob. Thanks for having the balls to say it how it is, I’ll bet many many NZders feel the same about departing but aren’t able to do so for various reasons. I love our back country greatly which has kept me here for 50yrs, however should the nanny state continue I may be forced to reconsider. I hope you return one day to keep a smile on our faces, grim times indeed.
Best for your travels & health.
Rob v Lieshout

Yes I fear you are right. I think she’s already quit. The Maori Caucus, imbecilic covid protocols, constitutional distain & hypocritical use and abuse of the term “Democracy” have morphed into an unswallowable pill. But as you indirectly alluded “in the valley of the blind, the one – eyed man is king”.
Good luck overseas. I’ve long enjoyed your wit.

So sorry that you are going and wish I could have been on the plane with you! Your posts have been amazing! Great time to escape especially after listening to the Prime Minister’s live broadcast just now over the protests in Wellington… she has started a war in New Zealand and I agree with you, she will never be voted back in.

Take your time overseas Bob their will be a third term. Don’t agree with your thoughts on Sweeden as they did make restrictions to and their economy isn’t as robust as their GDP was in negative territory. Not a nanny state but a caring one for 90% of the popn Most businesses were looked after and we were disappointed at the amount a lot of the self serving businesses didn’t pass on payments meant for the workers. I’m happy how the fight against the pandemic went with very low mortality and a very low number of covid infections. We have now opened up and as was predicted a huge jump in numbers with omicron. But as over 90% are vaccinated we can feel reasonably assured that we will survive it. What the pandemic has uncovered is a small minority of nutters who are fighting a losing battle against the mandates. They are however a nuisance but have no voice and have not won the brains or the hearts of anyone.

Enjoy your holiday. I too can’t wait till I get to leave this crazy place.

I took off for saner ground when the crazies started selling the farm over 35 years ago. Being born and bread I miss the place no doubt, but then every left handed mad nutter that gets to speaks with power in NZ reinforces my original rationale to scarper.

Bob…. I am curious as to whom will now look after your soup kitchens

I have enjoyed your witty take on things since your time at Radio Windy back in 1973 ish. Also voted for you back in 84 with NZP. My first election.
I hope your projections come through. I think so but the education system is turning out so many non thinkers maybe not. Definitely the most incompetent government since Muldoon. Possibly more useless as we had history to teach us a few things that were lost. I worked in the government in the late 70s and early 80s and there is nothing like working in government to see how useless they are. In fact the last few years have felt like a rerun of the 1970’s where the government is the central player.

mysanity you have maintained, Sir Bob! What U have seen on telly tonight in the Parliament Grounds has grievously hurt my very soul! Will miss your words mightily but wish you well and eagerly anticipate your return! You could still enthrall us from wherever with your observations!

Really sorry to see you go. Have enjoyed your comments.

frederickwilliscroft March 2, 2022 at 7:16 pm

Thank you Sir Robert for providing such a honest and entertaining perspective on NZ as we find it today. Unfortunately you are a rare breed in an increasingly subservient media who are nakedly Govt cheerleaders.
I myself am off for 6 months travelling in Asia and Europe. It will be so nice to visit countries where they have adults in charge. I am afraid to say NZ is absolutely stuffed and I doubt if it will recover in my life time.

No, No No Sir Bob, NZ needs your honest and engaging views. The internet is ubiquitous – you can post you blog items from anywhere – we need your continued support to make sure this mad lot goes. Good luck on your travels

Thank Bob. You have offered an island if sanity in a sea of lunatic starters

Bugger! How are we going to remain sane?
We will miss your refreshing interpretation of what’s happening around us. Happy travelling.
Cheers MH

Bon voyage Sir Bob – safe travels and good health. Like all your readers, will sorely miss your wisdom and wit. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we again have the pleasure of reading your very entertaining blogs. Good luck.
Wayne Q

Heather Falkenstein March 2, 2022 at 8:06 pm

So much inspiration and humor – and right every time.

Thanks so much for your smart opinion, Bob. I agree, this govt will now face a landslide loss. I hope there is a huge revamp of all our rights, and measures put into place so such flagrant trashing of the Bill of Rights by an incumbent govt can never ever happen again. I am not impressed with the current National line-up, either! Just seem to be more of the same.

    Wish I was 20 years younger and I’d be gone too. I don’t know that Oz will be any better, under either a Labour Govt led by another Biden or Scomo who appears to wear two hats. Oh for the days of old.

Bloody hell Bob!!!… How dare you look after your sanity, health, wallet, family, future!…. I’m right behind you brother. Enjoy yourself do what you want!, Tmthrow away the rulebook, and laugh…. Oh and keep away The northern Europe area. Cheers 👍🎉🎈🎈🦸‍♀️

Cheers SB.
What will we do without you ?
Scary thing is, and many will agree the damage done to this country these past 3 years will be more than many of us want to deal with.
Good people will leave, fed up with endless PC madness. Why spend the rest of our lives paying.
Thanks for letting me rant sometimes (probably mostly) unjustified frustration.

Thanks Bob. We need you in the lead up to the election next year though. Don’t be away for too long bro.

All the best Sir Bob. Your words have been both humorous and insightful. I have thoroughly enjoyed and will miss your daily emails.

Hope you don’t get Covid Bob!

You’ll be missed. Thanks for the pithy commentary over the last few years, who knew how fast and how far NZ could sink in the hands of terrified women (Labours voters are 2:1 female:male and clearly vote with their anxious hearts rather than their reasoning heads). Wish I had the freedom you do to abandon the listing ship that is NZ.

Cmon Bob we enjoy you and need you.

Thank you Bob for your daily wisdom, humour and always being able to find an angle that most people miss. In my opinion you are without a doubt the most perceptive writer around. All the best!

Maybe an external perspective could be good fun during your various locations. Don’t agree with everything you say but the thrust is refreshing and actually largely missing for decades. I ask was it ever here?

See you later enjoy .

Thank you Sir Bob, it’s been a pleasure . Take it easy

Going to miss your musings, Bob.

Still, to this day, recall the then 14 y.o. me watching the TV news one night in mid-1985, observing the bloodied beak of a certain R. Vaughan and thinking ‘Bob’s clearly a bloke who calls things exactly as he sees them. And loves his fishing.’

You made one hell of an impression then, and continue doing so, now.

Punch on, old fella. There’s plenty of life in you yet!

All the best on your break.

Hopefully we’ll hear from you in July, or thereabouts.


You’re a good bloke Bob and usually on the money, except for that Sweden thing you keep talking about! I understand the need to get out, I had to escape myself. Have a bloody good trip mate.

While I sympathise with your sentiments, Sir Bob, and agree with your thoughts about the current governments bumbling efforts to govern, I have not yet despaired about NZ. The vast majority of people on the street, have not changed, we will look back in the near future, on this horrible blip in our evolution as a nation, having learned an important lesson about the dangers of rule by personality, rather than by transparency and competency.
Farewell, hopefully, for just a short while.
John Laurenson

Go well Sir Robert your wonderful insight and acerbic and entertaing wit will be missed by this old codger and yet again you are on the money

Sorry to see you go Bob as I will miss the humour and satire at a time when we most need it. Be good and avoid a 501.

Thanks for the blog Sir Bob, I’ve picked up a few books and authors to discover because of it.

Absolutely gutted. Your blog was an honest assessment of how a lot of us feel and a welcome relief from the nonsense that the MSM throw at us. Happy travels

gregorcaseygmailcom March 3, 2022 at 8:44 am

Going to miss your Blogs Sir Bob, your comments have kept me sane with this lot running the country.
Travel safe and good health
Greg Casey

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