In a Herald report on our various sports bodies “struggling” with allowing transgenders to participate in sports, the following claim is made, namely “access to sport is a human right”. It’s no such thing. The writer simply made it up.

The author, Holly Thorpe is described as Professor in Sociology of Sport and Gender at Waikato university.

Presumably Holly Thorpe has pupils, again presumably doing degrees in this nonsense. What career awaits them after wasting their critical education years with this tosh?

Very few sports such as bowls, table-tennis, billiards, etc don’t involve physicality.

The indisputable fact is that women, no matter how fit and athletic, have a considerably lesser physical strength than men. They should not be forced to compete with blokes who I certainly feel sorry for, but who suffer under the delusion they’re actually females.

They’re not and never will be.


I’ve heard of a transgender weightlifter who has a suspect snatch …

Couldn’t agree more. Why nobody has tackled this like the mental disease it is defies logic. Then again, this world lacks people with common sense. PC is screwing us all good and just might be the end of humanity. Literally.

Whether eunuchs should be playing sports at all may be the real question. 🙂
Of course all this nonsense is just the death knell to women’s sport. This year’s All Blacks can be next year’s Black Ferns!
BTW I’m not sure that chess competitions even bother to have gender based awards?

Yep. Bang on the money. The over-use of the word “right” is startling along with those who seem to believe their so called “right” trumps everyone else’s. Love your columns.

belindafellowesgmailcom December 20, 2022 at 2:02 pm

hear hear

Surely the criteria for Female athletes should be “having the natural human equipment to conceive and bear children”, or, at least have had it at some time (in the case of disabled athletes or long-lasting sportswomen who still compete after hysterectomy etc.) Then we can have four categories for sports – Men, Women, Transgender and an Open for anyone who wishes to compete against any other.

    Thinking about it a bit more; this does seem to be all ‘bread and circuses’ distraction. Sport being a mere circus entertainment. Women’s sport exists only because women enjoy participating as well and they can never win (well almost never). So a special category was made for them. Men pretending to be women sports just means that women’s sport is no longer relevant. Pity the women.

It’s interesting….ex-men now women insist on competing in women’s sports, but ex-women now men, funnily enough, ALSO compete in women’s sports! Odd that! Surely Trans…ummm, women? I can’t remember which way around it goes, should surely compete against their “fellow” men?

Given your views on certain academic disciplines and the declining quality of university graduates, would you ever direct your philanthropy towards developing new educational institutions or school models? The first gilded age produced philanthropists who were very interested in experimenting with higher education, but contemporary philanthropists seem markedly less interested (or at least more constrained). Does that sort of thing interest you? Apologies if you’re already involved in this sort of thing; I don’t know everything you do.

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