I might be wrong but I’m fairly sure our newspapers In Memorium classified advertisements are peculiar to New Zealand. These puzzle me.

Their standard form is typically a letter addressed to a family member who died on the date of publication some years earlier.

Usually it’s along the lines of stating the deceased’s name then, “You left us suddenly nine years ago. We think of you daily and will always remember your laughing face”.

Sometimes superstition is introduced with reference to now being in the arms of Jesus and such-like nonsense, which certainly doesn’t sound much like a paradise existence, specially for eternity.

But here’s the puzzle. Obviously these advertisements are of no interest to the general public. Their only possible raison d’etre can be the advertisers’ belief that the NZ Herald for example, is distributed in heaven.



Well said.
As an aside, I have been for waiting for due course to arrive for a number of years.
How much longer do we wait for the Columns by Sir Bob to appear?

I wonder if Jesus has taken out a subscription for ‘Premium’ articles.

Nah, in UK papers we knew them as the “hatched, matched and despatched” section

When Bob eventually “passes” I intend to insert one each year in memory of the demise of humour to NZ and the world

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