A recent NZ Herald story recounted the outcome of a Christchurch court battle over an alleged faulty house construction job.

The Herald reported the builder was employed to construct the home “from the ground up”. That implies the possibility of constructing a house from the roof down, otherwise why add “from the ground up”?

The tourism potential of watching such an event, the roof first suspended in the air while the builder beavers away creating the lower floors, would be immense.

The report added, “the builder then “bought” the Christchurch City Council in as a third defendant”.

This illiteracy is abominable albeit a reflection of the regrettable collapsing circulation necessary cost-cutting. The only consolation for print addicts like me is it’s amusing.


I stopped subscribing to the Dominion Post when I had totally had enough of all the Woke Opinion stories and not much real news anymore. They bring the decline on themselves.
Their woke supporters probably do not read real news or PAY for the paper either.
We need massive change in our society to halt the decline to all heading for the lowest common denominator. Oh dear, is that Socialism/Communism?

    The first item on the incoming Govt’s agenda in October should be to cancel all the ‘free’ papers delivered to Govt Departments around Wellington city.
    That’ll finish them off.

Standards at the Christcurch Press reduced markedly after the management decided to shut down the poof reading team .

Quite right – it is a standard and a situation that tired old journos like me abhor! And like David Belcher, why thousands of us have turned off newspapers and also TV news broadcasts with their Maoriifcation of European established towns, regions etc. And don’t start me on Maori science!

It seems more people are saying communidy rather than community. Wonder where they got that from?

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