A Dominion-Post correspondent, John Argue of Greytown, recently had a letter published urging the removal of trout from our waters.

Why? Because they compete for food with native eels, Argue asserted, adding that because the eels were here first, only they should have access to the food in our waters.

On that ludicrous rationale Argue himself should bugger off back to his ancestral home as presumably in his eyes so we all should, albeit not before digging up the many thousands of square miles covered with roads, towns and cities etc, occupying land once but no longer the domain of native worms, birds, trees and so on. And we most certainly should begin a programme of removing all non-native trees.

If Argue’s married, apart from huge sympathy for his wife if she’s subject to such nonsensical outbursts, it’s odds on she wears a life-belt when in his company to avoid drowning.

As I’ve frequently written there are no more unimaginative people than conservatives, that is conservative in the literal sense of fearful of all change.

When some of our ape ancestors first ventured out of the trees and eventually stood up you can be assured there would have been Argue type apes remaining, fearful of change, and jabbering away about the unknown perils awaiting those ambitious and curious pioneers.


Why single out just the trout? Let’s not forget migratory birds, as they too are non-native. And apple trees, pears, grape vines etc. Mr Argue is going to have his work cut out for him…

Not that I wish to argue with Argue, but, I just wonder if he realises how much trout contribute to the economy of New Zealand? Local and international anglers, travel, food and accommodation, monies spent on fishing equipment and tackle? Plus our lively manufacture and export industry sending NZ made trout fishing equipment around the world? Fishing guides out of work too. Oh well, we’ll lose all that, turf the trout out at huge expense, then the eels will be happy eh?

Eels eat a lot trout in most cases in small streams they eradicate them ,

    That was going to be my comments as well. I have seen many a stream bereft of trout but very few suitable habitats lacking eels.

I suspect his wife is Mary Argue who writes for the local paper. They are the perfect pair

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