Why do the media label former television host Liz Gunn a conspiracy theorist for opposing Covid vaccines? To be a conspiracy theorist one must believe there’s a sinister motive behind something.

I gather that’s not Gunn’s position, rather she believes the vaccines are harmful. They are actually, for some people, the medical evidence now increasingly clear of a minority of vaccinated folk having a number of identical serious adverse after-effects. But for the vast majority the vaccines appear to have done their job.

Here’s a parallel hypothetical situation. Thousands of people are killed by cars annually. Gunn’s position is extreme, basically saying ban them for that reason. But that’s a long stretch to say Henry Ford conspired in producing cars for the masses so as to kill them.

That’s effectively how the lightweight media treat Gunn in calling her a conspiracy theorist.


As I understand it, the medical profession doesn’t normally administer drugs that can cause ‘mayhem’. The swine flu drugs were withdrawn when they showed a much lower percentage of adverse effects. The currently administered drugs seem to correlate pretty well with a major rise in overall deaths, especially among otherwise healthy young people.
Most of the labelled ‘anti-vaxers’ are people like me, just didn’t see why we should be forced to take something that was known to be ineffective in early 2021 and who were at no risk from the dreaded lurgy anyway. It was the compulsion aspect that was not right.
It is the govt, if it were to be consistent, that should be banning cars because of the negative effect cars have on a small minority…

Well said, the MSM and left political voices globally are very quick to denigratingly label anyone who thinks for themselves and challenges the woke / ideological orthodoxy.

Pete Simpson is correct. Any voice out of step with ‘the pulpit of truth’ is a voice from a rabbit hole – under this regime and the zombies it has running behind it. Lying has become not just acceptable, but expected of both civil servants and Government ministers.

Too right … the media are out of control. If you question emission reduction policies you’re a climate denier, if you question co-governance you’re a racist, if you question vaccine mandates you’re an antivaxier conspiracist.

Controlling by fear is what democracy has become…

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